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About Us

To some, coffee is life. To others, it’s an obsession. Others still, it’s merely a tool to add some spring to their step.

All of these are perfectly legitimate uses for coffee. I began this site as a coffee enthusiast who was still skeptical about the more pretentious, high falutin approaches to coffee. I’m not a fan of those who turn their nose up to what they find to be lower, and thus I decided to set myself apart by approaching coffee in a skeptical but even-handed way.

Here are some opinions that coffee snobs might become prickly about:

  • Decaf can taste better than regular.
  • Instant coffee still has its uses.
  • Flat whites are needlessly splitting hairs.

I clearly have my own stances and biases, but I will do my best to give the facts and inform you about everything to do with coffee and other potions of the modern world.

In the end, I hope that people from all walks of life can find coffee more approachable and enjoyable, and this site is my contribution to that.